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Ricoh Printers are one of the best brands for office and professional use. Ricoh caters to a global pool of active users but finding support is often the problem. Here are some common Ricoh Printer error and issues that you may give you trouble.

Ricoh printer Error

Ricoh Printer Error SC 101

Ricoh printer Error 101This is a multifunction Ricoh Printer issue. The Ricoh SC 101 error deals with the scanning feature of the device and can happen for a number of reasons. Here are some common causes that may trigger the problem.

  • Problems like lamp stabilizer
  • Scanner white plate not clean
  • Dirty optics
  • Problems with SBU and CCD

Ricoh Scanning problem – Error code SC107

Ricoh printer Error 107Again a scanner related problem and mostly faced with multifunction printer devices. The SC107 Ricoh error refers to malfunctions with inbuilt scanner lamp. This is a kind of problematic situation and can feel a bit complicated to fix.

It’s better not to mess with device configuration if you are not tech-savvy consider getting technical support for your Ricoh printer.

Richo Error SC120Ricoh printer Error 120

This scanner related problem does not only limit scanning function of the Ricoh printer but also can cause printer startup issues. In order to fix this, try reinstalling the Ricoh driver and restart the device.

Retry the copying process again and see if the problem is resolved. This should fix the error and let you access all available features.

Error SC 130 Ricoh Printer problem

Ricoh printer Error 130Ricoh error SC 130 is directly related to the SBU or Sensor Board unit of your printer device. SBU related problems limit scanning and copying features of the Ricoh device. As a matter of fact, the error code is generated because of two specific problems with the SBU.

  • Either the SBU or Sensor Board Unit has deactivated by itself
  • Or the scanner function faced abnormal startup issues

Ricoh Printer Error Code SC 131

Ricoh printer Error 131

The Ricoh SC 131 errors is again a scan feature related problem. The error code is generated when there is a problem with the F-gate of your Ricoh device.

In this case, there have to be some problems related to software configuration. Reboot your printer device and check if you are still facing the issue. Generally speaking, such errors can be fixed by restarting the device.

Error SC 144 – A Ricoh scanning problem

There are plenty of errors codes related to Ricoh scanning errors and as a result, finding the proper cause can be complicated. But this Ricoh error SC 144 is an SBU connection error.

In addition to the previously mentioned problem with deactivated SBU, this is a different issue. Here the Sensor board unit is having problems with startup. This affects all scanning and printer processes from completing and limits other added functions.

Ricoh Printer Error SC 184Ricoh printer Error 184

The Ricoh error message SC 184 is a CIS transmission related error. Plenty of users report this problem to our Ricoh Printer Support team of experts. Finding the proper solution for the issue can be tough but we can fix it.

Transmission related errors are normal and can happen mostly because of two reasons. Either there is an issue with the Ricoh device firmware or problems with the device driver. Reinstall the device-specific driver and check if the problem is resolved.

Ricoh Printer Update related problems

Problems with device update are nothing to worry about. You are not the first person to face this error as most printers and most computer accessories get regular updates.

If you are facing update related issues it happens for a list of reason. Firstly there can be problems with internet connectivity. Firewall permissions may interfere with the necessary downloads. It can also for lack of available storage space. Free up some space and try restart update process.

Frequent Paper Jams and Print Queue errors

Paper jams are a very common problem and almost every printer has some sort of paper jam issues. Printer paper jams are cause for multiple reasons including poor paper quality, hardware issues, paper auto-feeder or tray alignment problems.

Similarly, Print queue is a frequent issue almost every user has faced. This basically is an error with device configuration and or driver issue. Troubleshoot the generated error code and see if you can resolve the problem your self.

For any kind of assistance to fix Ricoh Printer error, you can always connect with our Ricoh Printer technical support team of experts.

Ricoh Error SC 320

Ricoh printer Error 320

Ricoh error message SC 320 refers to problems with onboard laser motor. These are internal hardware parts and changes with alignment can affect process execution. The laser/polygon motor performs a lot of important functions.

If you are facing this error here are the possible causes of the problem

  • The motor cannot reach optimum speed
  • Related driver corrupt or deactivated
  • Laser/polygon motor not working properly


Ricoh Printer Error SC 198Ricoh printer Error 198

If you ever face Ricoh SC 198 error code you can be sure there is a problem with linked memory. The printer sources the file in printing process from the temp folder. The reason behind this error may be problems of data transfer or corrupt driver. Check for driver and related software updates.

Ricoh Printer not starting

Printer not responding or Printer not working is a common problem and more than often caused due to power input problems. Check the attached power source and available LED indicator for confirmation.

Double-check the cable in use for the connection. Diagnose the wifi signal if you are connected wirelessly.

Ricoh Printer Error Instant Help

But power issues are not the only factor that can cause this error. It can also be a problem with device startup for which you need to access Windows services i.e ‘services.msc’ to check if Ricoh printer availability.

These were some of the most common problems with Ricoh printer devices. If you are facing any of these or any other problem you can always connect with us. Our Ricoh Printer support team is always available on our toll-free Ricoh Printer Support customer service number +1-866-302-4238. Contact anytime for instant Ricoh Printer error fixes.

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