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In the commercial printing world, inkjet printing is not a new topic anymore. Yet, the manufacturing of inkjet printers is still a matter of discussion in the market. Hitachi houses the high speed, non-contact, inkjet printers that are designed for simplicity.


Before we move ahead let’s do a little legwork and find out what is all about inkjet printing. Doing that it will be much easier for us to get a broader idea of the Hitachi Inkjet Printers.

Inkjet Printing Is A Long-Term Technology

Increased use of industrial printing equipment has opened up for new opportunities for the printhead manufacturers. When we speak about inkjet printing, it is simply an advanced form of computer printing. It recreates a digital image basically by spraying droplets of ink onto plastics, papers, or any other substrates.

Inkjet printers are basically the evolution of the dot-matrix printers. The only difference is instead of using metal needles, it now uses numerous tiny guns to fire dots of ink on the substrates. Very much like the dot-matrix printers the characters of the inkjet printing are also made up of very tiny dots. The only thing is that the dots are so tiny that you just cannot see them.

Again the way in which an inkjet printer will fire the ink varies from printer to printer. There are two different technologies that these printers make use of:

  • Continuous Inkjet Printers (CIJ)
  • Drop-on-demand(DOD)
    • Thermal DOD
    • Piezoelectric DOD

Operation Of Inkjets

The operation of the inkjets is pretty quite easy and can be visualized while the working of the device. The liquid ink in the various colors is sprayed onto the paper, plastic film, or other canvas media. A printer head that is present in the inkjets scans the entire page in horizontal strips. It makes use of the motor assembly of the printer to move it from left to right and then back again.

Again the printer rolls up the paper in vertical steps. A row of the image, which we call the strip is thus printed. And the paper moves on and is ready for the next strip. To be more precise the print head does not just print only a single row of pixels in one pass, but an entire vertical row of pixels at a time.

Now, when we have the basic idea of the working of the inkjets, we can move forward to find the visages of the Hitachi Inkjets.

Key Features of Hitachi Continuous Inkjet Printers

  • Up to 6-line printing.
  • IP65 internal protection (cabinet).
  • Can print up to 1148 characters in a second.
  • It has message storage capacity up to 300.
  • Comes with an excellent Printhead Shape.
  • Character height ranges from 2-10mm.
  • It has a very easy and clean cartridge system.
  • It significantly reduces the makeup consumption.
  • The inkjets are very much easy to maintain.

Hitachi Inkjet Printers

The superior ink circulation system and the low-wear design of the Hitachi Continuous Inkjets bring for the users a huge gain by:

  • Increasing the uptime productivity
  • Minimizing the maintenance requirement
  • The lifetime functional pieces of equipment
  • Reducing the intervention from the operators’ side
  • Hitachi Pumps at times exceeds 80,000 run-time hours.

Hitachi Inkjet Printers Are Easy-To-Use

The 10.4″ LCD color touchscreen of the Hitachi Inkjets is very much easy to use and is more durable. For the startup of the machine, it does not require a warm-up or cool down time. Again the machine has a single button for switching it on and off.

Hitachi Inkjet PrintersWith that, the Hitachi inkjets provide for automatic print head cleaning upon the shutdown of the machine. Along with that the on-screen tutorials for guiding the user and the popups that appear on the display guiding the navigation makes it really comfortable to handle the Hitachi inkjets.


The best part is that the Hitachi Inkjets require a very low maintenance. And that makes for the most excellent part of these inkjet printers. The device offers 4000 hours of service between the scheduled maintenance, and that is the longest duration in the entire industry of the inkjets.

The automated flush programs and the self-cleaning functions of the print heads have almost eliminated the daily maintenance requirement. The users can now have a hassle-free printing experience with the self-regulating fluid ratios offered to the users by the Hitachi inkjets.

Unique Ink Circulation System

The Hitachi Inkjets enhances the user experience with its unique ink return system. With that, it not only reduces the chances of mixing of air with the ink but also reduces the solvent evaporation. The combination of the density control and the viscosity control reduces the quantity of the solvent consumption and with that, it also maintains a high printing quality.

The system allows the ink to circulate even when the device is in the standby mode. This prevents the fixing of the ink and ensures the smooth operation of the product. The chances of wastage of the ink and additives also get eliminated with the with the automatic viscosity control.

On the whole, the inkjets from the house of Hitachi yields to the users the lowest fluid consuming products than any other products in the of the same line in the market.

My Wrap Up

Along with the simple touch panel, easy operations and low maintainability, Hitachi Inkjet Printers are highly reliable for a long-term use. The Hitachi Inkjets brings to the users the most up-to-date technology which the users can use for work ranging from certain simple applications to much-complicated applications.



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